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Hearth Products

Fuego Flame™ Fireplaces & Inserts


The key to the Fuego Flame efficiency lies in the adjustable damper and fireplace design that provides the proper air-flow without the use of electricity. The Fuego Flame‘s natural convection blower circulates heat up to 250 cfm – the highest heat output on the market with or with a blower. 

The Fuego Flame can burn with the damper 95% closed, which lets very little heat up the chimney. With the ceramic glass doors closed, this clean wood burning fireplace reduces smoke emissions and helps save on fuel. 

Fuego Flame offers three lines: Fireplace Inserts (dual fuel), zero clearance fireplaces (dual fuel) and see-through fireplaces (dual fuel).

Supreme Fireplaces & Inserts


Incorporating several patented technologies developed by Supreme over more than 30 years, each meets the highest EPA emission requirements. Innovations include the easy-light function and automatic air control for smooth ignition and consistent, long-lasting burns. An additional bonus is a built-in grill, allowing meals bursting with smoky, barbecued flavor to be cooked indoors all year-round.

With a maximum heat output of 100,000 BTUs per hour, the Supreme Galaxy is the most efficient fireplace on the market and effortlessly warms large spaces of up to 2,500 square feet, aided by a powerful yet acoustically discreet blower system.

Pacific Energy Wood Stoves


The Pacific Energy woodstoves, fireplace inserts, and wood-burning fireplaces are clean-burning, economical, easy to use, and warrantied for a lifetime. We offer a broad selection of wood stoves and inserts, each with a myriad of design options from classic to cutting-edge modern. And our wood-burning fireplaces provide the home-heating performance of a woodstove, in a contemporary, wall-mounted format. The Pacific Energy wood stoves are Made in Canada.

Vermont Bun Baker Wood Stoves


Our smallest soapstone model that’s a real worker is The Vermont Bun Baker.  Not only is it a soapstone wood stove, bake oven and broiler, but the surface can be used as a cook-top, and you can also heat hot water with an optional hot water interior stainless steel circulation tank.  All that is surrounded by a beautiful natural soapstone veneer which radiates heat after the fire is out.