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Serving Midwest Clients Since 1975

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In 1975, Rick Titus started his fireplace business selling Heatilator fireplaces.  He quickly learned that fireplaces are nothing more than an indoor campfire, and sent most of their heat up the chimney.  Rick sought ways to make these losers into winners, using tubular grates, and wood stove inserts

Then in 1978 Rick found the Fuego Flame Fireplace Company and learned they manufacture efficient fireplaces and fireplace inserts that could fit in any existing fireplace.  Rick quickly learned that not all fireplaces would accept the inserts made by Fuego, so he decided to start custom making them to fit those unusual two-sided, see-thru extra large or small fireplaces. Therefore, Rick was able to satisfy every customer’s fireplace needs. Since 1975, Rick Titus has traveled near and far to install inserts in fireplaces all over Iowa and southern Minnesota.

Not everyone wants to burn wood in their fireplace, so Rick also installs the 99% efficient vent-free gas logs.  These are so efficient they burn cleaner than a gas cook stove, and because they require no venting, they are able to deliver 100% of their heat directly into the home.

Rick Titus will come to your home at NO CHARGE and check out your fireplace and give you an estimate.  He will tell you honestly if he can make your fireplace more efficient. There is no obligation to buy, so please invite him into your home.  Spring and summer are his slower months, but Rick is happy to come to your home at any time.

The cost of fuel to heat your home is not getting any cheaper, so whether you want to heat with wood, corn, or a gas log, keep in mind that Rick Titus has been making fireplaces more efficient since 1975, and can change your fireplace from a LOSER to a WINNER!